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Steam train rides in az

With only a few modern reminders of humankind's existence along the 64-mile ribbon of steel, the Grand Canyon Railway (GCR) and a vivid imagination are the only tools necessary to travel back to the turn-of-the-century wild west.In 1540, the conquistador Coronado wandered the area with two dozen Spaniards looking for the fabled golden Seven Cities of Cibola. The trail that Beale blazed through northern Arizona is still visible today.They have come from every far-flung corner of the earth.The romantic magnetism of the west has drawn cowboys, businessmen, kings, gamblers, thieves, miners, inventors and dreamers from their comfortable homes.Have you ever wished that you could take a time machine and live in the 19th century?At that point the railway was destined to be a distant memory.After this enormous engineering feat was completed, travel from the Williams Depot to the Grand Canyon began on September 17, 1901.Teddy Roosevelt spent time at the Grand Canyon, as did legendary Rough Rider William "Bucky" O'Neill. Grading for the Grand Canyon Railway began in June of 1899.Have you ever wondered what the west was like before it was bought, sold and parceled into little pieces?

Every year, Grand Canyon Railway is pleased to present guests with a blast from the past: the opportunity to ride behind a piece of American history.In 1974 the Santa Fe Railroad permanently abandoned the tracks and destroyed many trackside buildings.Instead of finding gold for the Viceroyalty of Spain, they became the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon. The Beale Trail parallels the railway for one and a half miles at milepost 14 and then heads west.Sheepherders, cattlemen, indians of numerous tribes, kings, presidents, conquistadors and common folk have all traveled these parts for hundreds of years. Beale, complete with camels and their Greek and Turkish handlers, traveled through here.Those words were penned in 1851 by John Babsone Lane Soule and they have inspired men and women to travel west for nearly 150 years.

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    Fueled by waste vegetable oil, the Grand Canyon Railway is preserving these historic trains and the environment for future generations. Stay in one of Northern Arizona's finest hotel properties, The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, adjacent to the Grand Canyon Railway Depot.