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Rides bouche zubberdust

, which is the debut album of Montreal’s Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche.We’re looking for a little bit of help from you again, our peerless benefactors - if you want FMU to stay alive, then ante up!capacity plastic walking canes they sell there to hold your drinks, not even at the typical night time revels temp of -25C. I knew this fella who bought a mongoose in Afganistan and travelled all the way to Singapore with it before he had to give it up. Thanks for the energizing start to the next-to-last Market Day, Bill, and fellow listeners. Thanks to you, I'll be reliving memories of hair band drummers projectile vomiting and falling about in pathetic emulation of my favourite birthday-sharing drummer, Moon the Loon.Chief sez my goal for the month is 1500 smackeroos – that’s dollars US.Indie rox, punk rox, folk rox, psych rox, emo rox, math rox mixed with the occasional electronic morning pick me up. This is basically the equivalent of your morning cup of coffee.Mornin' diddly 'ornin all Another brief visit today - and then normal service in two weeks after next weeks Tusk Festival in Newcastle which with all sorts of noisy and exotic sounds will be as far from Fleetwood Mac as you can get but a bit nearer to Bill Mac! I'm not sure I can get down there but Steve Gunn is playing solo in York which I hope to get to. I have very happy schoolboy memories of 70s Genesis and as a drummer Collins was one of my inspirations (with Brand X too) so I'm sad he can't play now. So after the show I asked the singer (who was the one I was friends with) what that was all about and he said it was sweat.Shut up & listen is the ultimate drive time soundtrack.Twin Sister – S/T (clear vinyl picture disc) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Are we not Men? (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, free download inlcuded) LP Minus the Bear – They make beer commericials like this LP The Montgomery Movement – The Montgomery movement express LP Montibus Communitas – The Pilgrim to the Absolute (free download included) LP Milky Chace – Sadnecessary LP Minus the Bear – They make beer commercials like this (limited edition custom blue vinyl of 1,000, includes free download) LP Frank Zappa – Apostrophe LP Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien LP In the valley below – The Belt LP In this Moment – Blood (limited edition pink vinyl, breast cancer foundation) LP James Brown – Soulful Christmas LP Jason Isbell – Southeastern (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, gatefold packaging) LP Joan Shelley – Electric Ursa (free download included) LP Joanne Shaw Taylor – The dirty truth (free CD included) LP Jungle fire – Tropicoso LP Kenny Drew – Undercurrent LP Muddy Waters – Muddy waters at Newport 1960 LP No Limbs – S/T 7” Sick of it All – Last act of defiance (includes free download) LP Sinkane – Mean love LP Soft Walls – Floodlights LP Sonny Clark – Cool Struttin’ LP Street Trash – S/T original motion picture soundtrack LP Sons of Bill – love and logic (includes free download) LP Speedwolf – Ride with death (gatefold packing, limited edition color vinyl) LP St.As ever its been a blast and catch you again in two weeks! 4 LP Thank you Scientist – Maps of Non-Ex (gatefold packaging) LP The Rats – Intermittent signals LP The Jackson 5 – Christmas Album LP The Jayhawks – Hollywood Town hall LP The Jayhawks – Sound of lies (liner notes included and new photos) LP The Jayhawks – Tomorrow the Green grass LP Courtney Barnett – The Double Ep: A Sea of Split (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, gatefold packaging) LP Cave In – The Sacrifice Poles (instrumental) LP Davenport Cabinet – Damned Renegades LP Death – Spiritual Healing LP Electric Wizard – Time to Die LP Electric Youth – Innerworld (limited edition color vinyl, includes free download) LP The Jayhawks – Smile (includes 6 bonus tracks, 5 previously unreleased) LP The Juan Maclean – In a Dream (gatefold packaging, includes free download) LP The Liminanas – I’ve got trouble in mind (7” and rare stuff 2009/2011, limited edition clear vinyl, gatefold packaging, free download included) LP The Miami Dolphins – Becky (free download included) LP The Pine Hill Haints – The magik sounds of the pine hill haints LP The Rual Alberta Advantage – Mended with gold (includes free download) LP Thievery Corporation – Mirror Conspiracy (gatefold packaging) 2x LP Thievery Corporation – The richest man in Babylon (gatefold packaging) 2x LP Thievery Corporation – Sounds from the thievery hi-fi (gatefold packaging) 2x LP Torch Runner – endless nothing LP Touche Amore/ Title Fight – S/T 7” split Touche Amore/ Title Fight – Live on BBC radio one: vol 2 7″ Unit 731 – The hive mind LP Uncle Acid – Runaway girls 7” Vampillia – Alchemic heart LP Violent Soho – Hungry ghost (limited edition color vinyl, free download inlcuded) LP White Fence/ Jack Name – 7” split Weedeater – Sixteen tons LP Yelle – Completement fou (limited edition, free CD included) LP You blew it! I’m the curator for your Friday night and Saturday morning personal entertainment, making purdy noise come out of whatever new/old fangled technology you put your ear to.I'd get yourself down there Brian - two great players Fran I saw Michael Cooper there about six or seven years ago playing solo and with the late Lol. But Genesis since the early 80s have been rotten and their most recent gigs have been a going through the motions megadrome experience! Quebec in February, home of Caribou and the nicest fur coats you have ever seen. Fleetwood Mac from the 80s - dance around the handbag blow dried horror with vastly expensive tickets. Ah yes Brian - Gunn and Cooper - their album is great. People have respect for animals, especially those assigned with religious status, out East. For balance, I will remember Charlie, the Stone upon which a musical empire rests. In reference to the vomiting and drum story above, I went to see this Hungarian band i know called the Galloping Coroners and every time the drummer hit the toms this cloud of vapor would fly up in the air.Paul & The Broken Bones – Half the City (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, includes free download) LP Stevie Nicks – Songs from the vault (gatefold packaging, 16 never-before-released songs) LP Team Spirit – Killing time LP Temples – Sun Structures (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, free download inlcuded) LP Nothing – Guilty of Everything (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition) LP Oasis – Whats the story (remastered, includes free download, 28 unreleased tracks and rarities, gatefold packaging) 2x LP Poison Girls – Hex (gatefold packaging) LP Purling Hiss – Weirdon LP Real Friends – Maybe this Place is the same LP Bing Crosby – Merry Christmas LP Bo Diddley – Go Bo Diddley LP Boothroyd – Idle Hours LP Ritual Howls – Turkish Leather LP Ruby Fray – Grackle LP Sea Oleena – Shallow (includes free download) LP Sensational saints – you won’t belive it LP The Asteroid – No.

For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing. – Transgender Dysphoria Blues (limited edition pink vinyl, Breast cancer foundation edition, gatefold packaging) LP Ages – Above & down below LP Alice Gerrard – Follow the music LP Auroch – Taman shud LP Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche – Zubberdust!(includes art print poster, free download included) LP Battlecross – War of will (picture disc) King Diamond – fatal Portrait LP King Diamond – The Eye LP Burl Ives – The Rudolph Christmas LP Capsize – The angst in my veins (first pressing on clear vinyl) LP Chasma – Codex constellatia LP Christopher Owens – A new Testament (gatefold packaging) 2x LP Elephant Stone – Three poisons LP Flying Colors – Second nature (gatefold packaging) 2x LP Fozzy – Do you wanna start a war (includes free CD) LP 1349 – Massive cauldron of chaos (Norwegian black metal, gatefold packaging) LP Le Butcherettes – Cry is for the flies (free download included) LP Lucinda Williams – Down where the spirit meets the the bone (deluxe edition, 20 new recordings, includes free download, gatefold packaging) 3x LP Laetitia Sadier – Something shines LP Ella Fitzgerald – Wishes you swinging Merry Christmas LP Esben and the witch – A new nature (gatefold packaging, free download included) 2x LP Excel – Split image LP Fela Kuti – Box Set (7 LPs) Liam Betson – The Cover of hunter (color vinyl) LP Lucius – Wildewoman LP Louis C. – Oh my god (comedy) LP Machine Head – Burn my eyes LP Martyrdod – Elddop LP Mr.I’ve had the best time acquainting myself with Zubberdust!As a rotten drummer myself I could go on for hours but I now need to propel myself over the tom toms and in 80s hair metal style be flown around the room over an adoring crowd playing a solo on a 5 bass drum kit towards my newly expensively fixed car to devote some time to the chores of the day.

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    Make sure that your donations are directed to Bill Mac’s Zzzzzzero Hour …. It comes in 3 strengths, good, better, best; the last will not freeze in the 10 oz.