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Therefore, there's some logic to the idea that short flights should leave from DCA, while the trek to a farther airport isn't such a burden if the flight itself is longer as well.Jet Blue recently paid $40 million for slots to run 8 daily round trips.However, US Airways currently uses many of its slots to fly to small cities around the East Coast.Furthermore, DCA has a perimeter rule limiting most flights to cities no more than 1,250 miles away (far enough to get to Dallas but not Austin).United and Continental had to do this at Newark, for instance.If the region is growing in the core, should air travel grow there as well? Everyone wants slots DCA is one of only a few airports in the nation where regulations limit the number of flights.Carriers own "slots" which give them rights to one takeoff or landing per day.That will likely lower fares to those cities, but remove options to other cities.Some members of Congress sent a letter asking for US Airways/American to keep its slots so that their small communities can keep their flights. This debate raises several important questions about how DCA fits into the region. Last week, US Airways CEO Doug Parker testified before Congress about his pending merger with American. Beyond the questions about what's good for airfares and the aviation industry, what happens at DCA has a big effect on our region.There are a limited number of exceptions, including some Congress added last year, which gave us new flights from DCA to San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Austin, and San Juan, as well as more flights to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, which already had exemptions.

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    The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Justice could require the combined airline to give up some DCA slots as part of a merger.