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Obama rides a donkey dash

Do you really think I couldn’t foresee what a disaster Obamacare would be? If he had an ounce of sympathy and awareness he wouldn't dare take a two-week vacation, but like all the American elites he lacks both of those traits and thus has no compunction about using millions in taxpayer money to give him and his family another Christmas vacation. Because I wanted yet another program that would demoralize and entangle you, the American people. The president usually enjoys golf, snorkeling and family trips during his vacations.The average American can barely make ends meet and isn't even guaranteed paid vacation and holidays, yet here Obama is, rubbing his nose in the rest of the country's face, cavorting around the Hawaiian Islands on the taxpayer's dime.He doesn’t want to be remembered as a rank amateur. Therefore, he spills the beans: —Dear Congress and Dear Americans. The president began the yearly tradition in 2008, before he took the oath of office. Instead, I focused on Obamacare, which has turned into the most unwieldy national health insurance program in the world. Housing and security costs are on top of that amount but not all that information is released to the public. "And President Obama seems oblivious to the burden he is placing on Americans with his continuous vacations, getaways, and political junkets at taxpayer expense." Comment: Obama is another elite who doesn't care about the fact that the American taxpayers have to foot the bill for his extravagant vacations. 9/11 Animals Comets Comets and Catastrophe Series Drought Earthquakes Extreme Temperatures Fireballs Floods JFK Series Plagues Sinkholes Smoking SOTT Radio Network SOTT Summaries Storms Strange Skies Strange Sounds Volcanoes Wildfires Aloha, President Obama. Events could delay the president's trip, however, according to White House spokesperson Josh Earnest.The Federal Aviation Administration has also issued temporary flight restrictions for the area from Dec. Three trips earlier this year - a Palm Springs golf trip in June, a trip to New York in July and a visit to Martha's Vineyard in August - cost the U. Last year's Obama family Christmas trip cost $3.7 million in flight expenses alone, with 17.8 hours in the air round-trip. They are treating the Air Force One like an Uber ride." said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Because Obama wants recognition for his clever and ingenious manipulations. First and foremost, I’ve been busy expanding a permanent underclass which is wholly dependent on the government. When I took over in 2009, the number one issue in America was unemployment. I." house, a $8.7 million beachside retreat once used in the '80s television show.

I can’t believe you haven’t seen what I’ve been up to these last seven years. The White House said President Obama and his family will spend their eighth straight Christmas in Hawaii. The White House did not confirm if the Obamas would be staying at the so-called "Magnum P.He generally meet with service members in Hawaii as well. Open borders, —these are a few of the operations designed to confuse, depress, and demoralize our society, in addition to attaining certain geo-political and economic objectives. The estate on the east side of Oahu was purchased earlier this year by attorney Matt Nesbitt, chair of the Barack Obama Foundation, which is planning the president's future library.

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    Local media reported Secret Service was already in the area and residents had received security information related to Kailua Bay. Judicial Watch tracks costs related to presidential trips, including what it costs to operate Air Force One. It costs about $206,000 per hour to operate the president's private plane.