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North shore regiment bathurst nb

The Scarlet Dawn tells of Father Hickey's sometimes hilarious, ofttimes tragic experiences with the men of the North Shore Regiment through six long years of war from 1939 to1945. B., Father Hickey gives us a front row seat as he proceeds overseas by ship to England and through to D-Day, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.I first heard of Father Hickey through my affiliation with the North Shore Regimental Museum in Bathurst, New Brunswick, when I was a university student working at the museum in the mid-1980s.But so many soldiers and civilians did not live through that awful day.And even though I have read it at least a dozen times, I can still find a little gem here and there that has me burst into laughter or tears at the sheer simplicity of his wisdom and his profound observations of human nature during war time.As described in the book jacket, "His understanding and leadership of men, his keen sense of humor, and his spirit of self-sacrifice, which won him the Military Cross for bravery under enemy fire on D-Day, made him beloved and respected by all who knew him." After the war, Father Hickey served as Pastor at St. In 1949 he published The Scarlet Dawn to great acclaim.Little did they know this would be Father Hickey's final speech, for a few hours later, he passed away: Many of the soldiers and civilians who are with us here today went through that awful scourge. I was their Chaplain: I´ll never forget the bravery, the heroism of those men.He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1933 and served as curate in Bathurst, NB for four years until he was appointed to the teaching staff at St. When World War Two broke out in September, 1939, Father Hickey joined up as Army Chaplain for the North Shore Regiment.(A second printing soon followed but as far as I know, the book has never been reprinted and it is now a collector's item.) Later on, Father Hickey would become a Monsignor and he was even awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by his alma mater, but he never, ever, forgot about the men of the North Shore Regiment with whom he had shared five extraordinary war years.Words cannot describe the impression The Scarlet Dawn has had on me since I first read it nearly twenty years ago: it makes me laugh, and it makes me cry.

Now old men themselves in their sixties and seventies, his comrades stand by him with a pride one can only know by having served alongside a truly great man.The Battle of Carpiquet Airport, outside Caen, was a plan devised by British General Bernard Montgomery to seize the airport and tie down the main German armour and infantry units in the east by taking the strategic city of Caen.It has been called one of the decisive battles of Normandy, but one in which soldiers of the North Shore Regiment paid a heavy price: 132 casualties, 46 of them dead.Finally, at war's end, he takes us back to his family's home in Jacquet River, from whence his long journey had begun some six years before.In speaking to the North Shore veterans about their wartime experiences, Father Hickey's name often came up and it was obvious that these men, many of them in their sixties, still adored their beloved padre.

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    I'll never forget either the bravery of the people of Carpiquet, the cooperation, the help, and the kindness similar to what we always received throughout Normandy.