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A flight of hopeful shades of spring, for hard, hard ground, an offering One leaf dressed in a sparkling jade glided with grace to green grass blades and rested near a bubbling brook, then waited for warm breeze that shook its flirty skirt on green, green glade. As a mother of two, I simply can not understand or accept how a mother could possibly decide to live the “anorexic lifestyle” or be “pro ana.” Does it get anymore vain and selfish than this?Let these pro ana Mom’s know what they are doing to their kids, maybe a few of them will head our advice and get their head screwed on straight. To visit the Green Mountains in Vermont is like a dream. Below are the all-time best Irish poems written by Poets on Poetry Soup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of irish poems written by Poetry Soup members Search for Irish poems, articles about Irish poems, poetry blogs, or anything else Irish poem related using the Poetry Soup search engine at the top of the page. If your mother is one of these individuals, you need to know this, and believe this. Or did she contribute to you low self esteem and/or eating disorder?

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  • oneproblem, 24-Jun-2016

    For the past year, I have read countless stories from courageous young women who post here with their horror stories about their own mothers. Your mother was a selfish person before you were born, and she will continue to be this selfish person as you grow and recover from your eating disorder. Please feel free to share your personal story of your mother.