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Laser for cellulite khloe kardashian instagram

Scene 2: Kim, Khloe, and Kendall all arrive at Epione, a cosmetic dermatology center.Khloe tells Kim that she’s trying to make it smaller with the laser.This week we’re doing this a little differently by focusing on one story-line.Now…the paperwork has not been filed on our MD, but we know for a perfect fact that the Good Sis. While Khloe gets her laser treatment Kim and Kendall have HIGH TEA inches away from her bare behind. This special peek behind the curtain that is perceived perfection was filmed on December 19, 2014.Khloe suggests Kim speak to Kylie regarding her lips, because she’s the “body person,” the “guru.” Pardon us while we sigh a deep, deep sigh.Like Scene 2, this was filmed on December 19, 2014.Even though Khloe thinks Kylie’s new lips have changed her life for the better, all sisters agree that Kylie has gone a little too crazy with her fillers.While enjoying their community table, Kim gushes about the new In-N-Out that opened down the street from her in Calabasas.Kim enters and, oddly enough, is just there for the paycheck.Everything is fun and breezy, until Kylie does some press and eventually gets asked about her lips.Khloe gives Kim the ultimate, “bitch quit playing” look, but doesn’t linger too long because she has to hop up on that table to get her blessing.Khloe, a full blown, born and raised, bronzed and blonde, CALIFORNIAN says she’s never been to In-N-Out. The sisters move past this revelation and Kim pulls up an Instagram of Kylie and Tyga “out” the night before.On Sunday night’s episode, the A-plot was Kylie’s lips; the B-plot was Scott and Kourtney’s joint house flipping venture; the C-plot was Kim’s secret photo shoot; and the D-plot was Kris Jenner’s new job as Carmen Sandiego, because she was no where to be found in this episode.This exclusive look into the psyche of modern beauty was filmed on January 28, 2015.



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  • deathwish44, 30-Jun-2016

    Our A-plot kept the cast pretty busy, and the rest of the scenes might as well have been injected into Kylie’s lips because they were just fillers. They shift the conversation to cosmetic surgery, and the dynamic duo agree that that the world would be a terrible place if boob jobs didn’t exist.