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Never have I found myself so stimulated, challenged, and captivated.Sure, there are countless challenges that come with leading groups of guests on multi-day trips, but that's what keeps it interesting."Well, I'd like to make a living doing what I love," I responded, chuckling at the notion of getting paid to ride a bike and play in the mountains.I could scarcely hide my smile—I knew this was the job for me.Living as a professional volleyball player in Switzerland, I felt I had found the best job in the world.I have the opportunity to challenge myself with new goals like learning a new language or climbing an alpine pass from the Tour de France.She had seen our loaded touring bikes and told me about her job as a cycling guide.Every Backroads leader has a unique story of their path to this job—each equally as colorful and impressive as the next.I get to meet like-minded travelers and learn form their experiences.My family was extremely active and always on the go, using the Southwest as our stomping ground.However, it was the opportunity to play volleyball in Switzerland after graduating from college that solidified my thirst for travel.No day is the same and the skills that you already possess, coupled with the skills that you acquire during the remarkable training period, truly set you up for success (and fun! I rolled past a charming red farmhouse, yellowing oak trees, old grain silos and took a deep breath of the cool fall air from the saddle of my bicycle.I got to play volleyball all day, speak French and use Switzerland's central location to travel all around Europe; what could possibly be better than that? That is, until I saw the posting for the Trip Leader position at Backroads.

Whether we were hiking the Zion Narrows, kayaking down the Colorado River or mountain biking in Mexico, these were the vacations that made me want to explore more of what the world had to offer. My first experience as an international traveler came at the age of 13 when I traveled to the UK as a student ambassador with People to People.But most of all, I enjoy the opportunity to work with some of the most fun, diverse and active group of people I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.Working as a Backroads Trip Leader has given me the rare and unique opportunity to be one of the few who puts their passion into practice through their work.That's part of what makes working at Backroads such a great place. They're from all over the world, a variety of ages and backgrounds—united by a love of adventure and travel.Shortly thereafter I found myself back at university studying accounting—the obvious path for anyone who wants to spend every day outside, right? Upon graduation, I spent three years as an accountant, and knew it was time for a change. I set out on a cycling journey that spanned nearly thirty countries before I found myself chatting with a smiling blonde American girl in a small tienda in El Chalten, Argentina.

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    Working as a park ranger in Ozark National Scenic Riverways, at nineteen, I remember honestly answering the question of what I'd like to do with my life.