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Equus rides st croix 59

The golden color of the Kinsky line soon became the preferred color.Cavalry mounts need to be reliable & loyal while requiring an amazing amount of courage & stamina.The count, being an avid hunter & jumper himself ensured that his animals were suited for that task as well.Average height 16 – 17.2 hands chestnut generally with cream dilutions that make their coats appear glossy & golden.All other breeds of horse on the planet come from domesticated horse (yes, even the wild ones – at some point they were all reintroduced to the wild).All information will be credited to you along with links back to you. Also called Equus Przewalskii, Asiatic Wild horse, Mongolian Wild Horse & Taki, the Przewalski’s Horse is the only known surviving species of wild equine on the planet (since the extinction of the Tarpan).Their offspring are fertile & carry 65 chromosomes, which may indicate that they are a different species altogether.



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  • rockyboy10, 28-May-2016

    Also known as the Golden Horse of Bohemia & Equus Kinsky, the Kinsky Horse comes from the Czech Republic and was Europe’s first warmblood sporthorse.