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It’s becoming an important hub of international cuisine and it’s also more relaxed than the intensity of District 1.These days, there are lots of very comfortable places to enjoy local food.Our favourites include Bui, Cuc Gach, Secret Garden, Chi Hoa and Hoa Tuc.The fresh flavours of the local cuisine are a perfect compliment to the warm climate.And as with street eateries, look for the Vietnamese restaurants that attract lots of Vietnamese customers.There’s excellent French, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and other options.And Saigon's restaurant scene is evolving quickly with a steady stream of new and interesting openings.As a visitor to Saigon, you’ll see plenty of street-side eateries. Others are no more than a pushcart and some stools on a street corner.ALL THE RESTAURANTS MENTIONED HERE ARE INCLUDED IN OUR MAIN SAIGON EATING LISTING.The delta is the country’s most productive food source, supplying much of Vietnam’s rice, vegetable, fish and fruit intake.

If you need a break from Vietnamese cuisine, check out the impressive collection of international restaurants in town.There is nowhere better to immerse yourself in the exquisite flavours of Vietnamese cuisine than right here in Saigon.Be sure to take advantage of Saigon’s incredible abundance of fresh tropical fruits.Many cafes focus on coffees and teas while a small number also serve respectable inexpensive food. A big part of Saigon’s culinary success is its access to the delicious abundance of the Mekong Delta. The Queen of Sheba, Cain and Abel have all been here before!

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