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Correction hallux valgus ateli s.r.o

This limits their ability to wear shoes comfortably.Our surgeons at The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of bunion deformity or hallux valgus. Mark Myerson helped pioneer an innovative surgical treatment for bunion deformity correction. If the big toe starts to deviate inward in the direction of the baby toe, the condition is called hallux valgus.NEXT: Treatment Options › The treatment of a bunion depends entirely on how uncomfortable it is.There are many different surgical procedures that can be performed.Therefore, the shaving of the bunion, called an exostectomy, is performed in conjunction with a cut of the first metatarsal bone (which is called an osteotomy).It is very rare that a bunion can be treated by simply shaving down the bump of the bone.Invariably, the deformity will recur and both the bunion and the hallux valgus will return.

The perception of pain or discomfort that people experience is quite varied.Once a bunion gets to be irritating or painful and shoe wear is uncomfortable, surgery may be recommended.NEXT: Symptoms & Diagnostic Process › Since the pain from a bunion is always aggravated by shoe wear, the symptoms will often depend on the type and size of shoes worn.There are some individuals who have small bunions that are very uncomfortable.Following a chevron osteotomy, walking is permitted in a surgical shoe the next day after surgery and the shoe is worn for approximately three to four weeks before a more comfortable walking/running type shoe is worn.

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    Realistically, there are only two ways to treat a bunion: either change the size and shape of the shoe or change the size and shape of the foot.