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Cellulite workout challenge ideas

) I asked these women to join me in sharing their stories of body embracement with you, and they accepted my invitation. My purpose in sharing our stories here is five-fold: That was 30 pounds ago.I was initially inspired by the women I’ve worked with, by writing the “fit chick” blog post (and a few of the other soul-baring posts that I’ve written), and by To kick off the Love Your Body Challenge, I’ve recruited some of my favorite women in fitness to help by submitting pictures of themselves looking awesomely fit, and then pictures of themselves that may be considered “less than flattering.” Yes, we know. Even the unflattering photos are beautiful, but you need to keep in mind that a female fitness professional is held to an insanely high standard.I was fit then, I’m fit again now (and a hell of a lot stronger, too), but now, I dare wear short shorts (cue Nair jingle). There is no should, and the sooner we start dressing the part, the better.I’ve worked with women on making sound nutrition and training habits part of their everyday lives.The light coming through the skylight was a little softer in the one on the left, and it didn’t feature the backs of my legs, complete with my cellulite on blast.I have been thinking about, dreaming about, talking about, and stressing about writing something for the better part of a year. I recognized that what I am most passionate about is helping women discover what their best body looks and feels like with minimal time and effort.These two photos were taken the same day, during the same shoot for my apparel line.I’m strong, I feel healthy and vibrant, my life is rich and full of love, laughter and friendship, and I have a job that I’m passionate about.(Get up to speed here, if you haven’t.) Her suggestion is that we start peppering our own social media feeds with less-than-flattering photos of ourselves, in the spirit of not just body acceptance, but body *embracement.* The challenge she laid down: “Everyone keeps saying how powerful social media is. Post an unflattering photo of your body on Facebook or Twitter and spread the word.

And right before the launch of my ebook on conditioning, Lift Weights Faster, on March 18, no less. But then, hot on the heels of that thought, came a resounding “F*** IT.” Because my responsibility as a woman who works in the fitness industry to demonstrate that you can be fit and pitted, drowned out any reservations.One picture of one dimple on the back of her thigh can create an Internet firestorm with people questioning her credibility and character (which is precisely what we are standing up against!Add the hashtag #keepingitreal.” So, in the spirit of self-love, I posted this side-by-side shot of myself to my Facebook page, Thrive as the Fittest, on Valentine’s Day.Along the same vein, I was pleased to read about professional runner Lauren Fleshman’s #keepingitreal campaign.Most importantly, I’ve discovered that I want to help women have grace and compassion towards their bodies.

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