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Here is a selection of the comments from This Week viewers on our show.I often wonder if there is a BBC employee standing out of camera with a 'Clap Now' board.Surely you didn't take your tacky set and furniture to the new building even if you have taken your tired old jokes about Michael 'choo choo' Portillo etc along.I absolutely love it but I have to record it to watch it.Well that has now been reinforced by the appearance of Molly the Dog who is a genius addition to the team.Nobody including the usually resourceful and excellent Andrew Neill looked in the slightest bit phased by this statement and yet Starkey's next comment about the whole collapsing economy relied on this "fact".Please tell me what the true city contribution was and how it was made up. Steve Mann Stephen Mann, Bath Have you been left behind in the old BBC Television Centre?Laurie Walshe, Bedford TIHS WEEK REPLIES: We have always been based at Westminster, so not directly affected by the move from TV Centre to New Broadcasting House.Our jokes and guests are perhaps slightly older than the buildling which closes for good this week.This is a service aiming to highlight views about the show, for people to read easily.William Mc Cormack, Bath THIS WEEK REPLIES: Because we would never get away with it on prime-time?

Do NOT use web or embedded links, or send attachments, and please avoid excessive use of capital letters and exclamation marks etc.I watched David Starkey on TW with some degree of agreement since he sets out just how bad the situation really is and did not pull his punches when commentators and politicians alike stick their heads in the ground.I've submitted a previous comment about how This Week is the only thing which keeps me paying my TV license.We cannot include all comments - and entries longer than 200 words will probably be edited for length or left out - but those we use represent the balance of general opinions we receive.Neil as ever is hilarious and brilliant at what he does. Charles Forrest, London Why is this absolute gem of a programme put on so late at night?

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  • dragonbro68, 29-May-2016

    Its a shame that so many people in the media make statements of mind bending inaccuracy and then make a point based on it.