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Best rides at cedar point

The 3,500-foot (1,066 m) long track takes riders, eyes wide shut, through a hole in a nearby building plus straight through the middle of the neighboring Big-O ferris wheel.Named after Japan’s most famous peak, Fujiyama’s moniker means words to the effect of “king of mountains” – and this traditional styled coaster certainly brings mountainous terrain to mind with its none-too-gently meandering bunny hills, which arrive after the famously massive 23-story first drop.” We’re sure it is – unless of course you’re of a queasy disposition. When it opened in 1996, Fujiyama was the tallest roller coaster on Earth at 259 feet (79 m) and boasted the world’s biggest drop – 230 feet (70 m).Pronounced “Ee ja nai ka”, this coaster’s name has various meanings relating to festive 19 century celebrations, or more simply translates as, “Ain’t it great! Fujiyama, Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan Height: 259 feet (79 m) Designer: Morgan Standing indomitable over the surrounding landscape like its iconic namesake, Mt Fuji, Fujiyama reaches a vertiginous 259 feet (79 m) at its highest point, ten feet more than Eejanaika, its neighbor in Fuji-Q Highland.Despite its smooth ride and aesthetic grace, the emphasis here is on thunder – and frightening elemental forces certainly spring to mind as the coaster soars to the summit of a 262-foot (80m) hill before an incredible first plunge.First patented in 1885, these wonders of modern engineering and design quickly became the most popular rides at amusement parks across the globe.A giant among most other coasters on the planet, Titan made its debut in 2001, topping out its twin, Goliath of Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA, by just 10 feet (3 m).century, roller coasters just got bigger, and bigger, and their designs ever more inspired.Velocities of up to 80 miles per hour (130 km/h) ensure speed freaks don’t go home hungry either. If you’ve got a head for heights and can stomach huge drops, there’s no greater thrill in the theme park.Here are the top 10 tallest roller coasters currently gracing the face of our planet. Like the Greek elder gods it derives its name from, this mind-blowing roller coaster can lift men up like matchsticks.

It doesn’t waste time in doing so, either, hauling riders up a 245 foot (75 m) hill before hurling them into a 255 foot drop – one of the largest in the US – which runs straight into an abyssal tunnel.The world’s tallest Hyper Coaster, Thunder Dolphin nevertheless concedes to the 300 and 400-foot plus peaks of the so-called Giga and Strata Coasters. Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia, USA Height: 305 feet (93 m) Designer: Intamin AG Climbing to a maximum height of 305 feet (93 m), Intimidator 305, in Kings Dominion, Virginia muscles its way to sixth on the list of world’s tallest roller coasters – the ‘smallest’ of the Giga Coasters but a hugely frightening prospect nonetheless.Opened in 2006, the smaller but arguably more interesting of these is Eejanaika, a “4th Dimension” roller coaster whose design allows the seats to swivel forward or backward 360 degrees as the massive trains run their hair-raising course.As if this were not enough, passengers are then subjected to the intense g-forces of dizzying carousel turns, sustained for nearly six seconds at the finale.As they say, it’s not getting up the mountain but getting back down it.

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    Pure white-knuckle excitement from beginning to end. Thunder Dolphin, Tokyo Dome City Attractions, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan Height: 262 feet (80 m) Designer: Ingenieur Büro Stengel Gmb H The brilliantly named Thunder Dolphin is a Japanese leviathan of a roller coaster – but don’t be fooled by the serene marine connotations.